Tips on Useful Gifts for New Parents

So, you are close to a couple who are about to welcome a new addition to the family. You want to celebrate this momentous event in their life and give something to the blessed soon-to-be parents but you don’t know exactly what to give. Worry not, here are some tips and guides for you on what to useful gifts to give.

  • Since the baby won’t be able to walk by himself in say, more than 10 months, giving a stroller bike to the couple is always a good idea. That baby girl or boy will surely enjoy taking a ride while his or her parents take her around the mall or to get some fresh air while in the nearby park. Stroller bikes are very comfortable and stable, and they can be adjusted to fit on small storage area when not in use.
  • Make sure to ask first what the gender of the baby is from the parents. You don’t want to give a pink set of baby pajamas to a newborn who is apparently a baby boy. Although, some would say that we already live in a liberal time, traditionally, blue is for boys and pink is for girls. If couples don’t know the gender themselves (because maybe they do not want to know until the baby is born) you can opt to choose a more neutral color like maybe, green or even some shades of red or maybe purple.
  • If you are really thinking of something the baby will surely use, why not some bags of hypoallergenic diapers? Jenna from Singapore, whose staple baby gifts for her sisters and cousins, has always been a steady supply of diapers has this to say, “Well, I know people will give those clothes and baby bottles, I wanted to be more practical and give diapers instead. I know it will save the couple some money because they don’t need to buy diapers themselves for a while. My sisters and cousins appreciate it because it won’t be like clothes that the baby will just outgrow.”
  • Baby books and Self-help Parenting Books are always a great idea. Studies have found that babies become more creative and literate when parents read to them bed time stories while they were still young. Similarly, guide books about parenting can help the couple learn some techniques and tips on how to be good parents.
  • A nice crib will surely be something that the couple and the baby will surely appreciate. Find one that is sturdy enough so no accidents will happen while the baby run, jump, and try to escape from the crib. Fill it with soft cushions, pillows, and stuff toys if you want to.
  • On cases when expectant parents, particularly mothers, unfortunately lost their baby angel along the way, offering some sympathy condolences flowers is in order. Take it from Julia, whose best friend Ali, had a stillbirth a couple of months back, “I was told I will be a godmother to a baby girl soon. But unfortunately, life had a better plan for the family. We all grieved after hearing the news. I don’t think any word can ever make my best friend feel better at that time. I thought it was sympathetic and pensive to send her some flowers to show her I’m just here if ever she needs anyone to talk to. She appreciated it, and we went out after a few weeks to catch up.”

Side Bar:

What kind of sympathy flowers are appropriate to give in case of miscarriage of stillborn?

  • Orchids
  • White Roses
  • Lilies
  • Carnations
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Chrysanthemums

*It’s best to give them with a sympathy card too. Some even bring fruit baskets and other food for the couple.
* Flowers can be arranged in bouquet or lovely baskets or even wreaths


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