Roof Specialists and Roof Contractors

Bulldozer 3096490 960 720Unknown to many, the construction industry is actually a highly compartmentalized industry. There are architects who take care of designs. There are electrical engineers and electricians who provide electrical layout. And there are the masons and carpenters who build and put all of these output together.

And interestingly enough, there is an even more particular specialization: roof contractors.  These roof specialists are critical manpower in any construction work since they determine the strength of material, choose appropriate designs and provisions, and provide technical maintenance and repair of a very important part of the house. In Singapore, they perform the simplest to the most complex tasks without requiring massive renovation work and convenient costs and work arrangements.

Pattern 3040944 960 720First, roof contractors determine the most appropriate roof for a house. They determine this form among a dozen roof architectural designs. For many Singapore homes, roof contractors prefer classic design where roof materials are arranged in two oppositely slanted formations. Such design is effective against downpour of heavy rains and protect roof from direct impact of rain. They are also best for mid-sized houses since they provide better ventilation inside the house. For smaller houses, roof contractors usually recommend shed and saltbox designs. These hexagonal designs can be normally seen among gazebos and make-shift structures and often made of materials and fixtures that are easily detachable.

In terms of materials, roofing contractors in Singapore often recommend the kind of material for your roof based on budget, annual weather conditions and other hazards that are likely to affect the quality of the roof and over-all safety of occupants. Roof contractors in Singapore also match material with design.  Normally, concrete is ideal for flat roof designs since these roofing structures are usually made for homes with rooftop functionality and capability.

For families of companies working on tighter budgets, roofing specialists are likely to recommend asphalt shingles which are popular due to their substantially low price. They are also easy to install. The downside is that they fade easily, have short durability, and usually require additional reinforcement like fiberglass or organic materials such as cellulose for increased durability which may be costly in the long run. But more than that, they are poor insulating device and are therefore inconvenient which lead many roof specialist in Singapore that their low cost may not make up for their poor performance, quality and comfort, or discomfort they provide. This is also the case with wood shingles and shakes which are slightly cheaper options but are fire-hazard materials. Instead, for larger homes that are often hot by strong storms and winds, clay and concrete tiles are recommended since they are heavier than popular metal roofing materials. This time, their downside is the difficulty of installing them.

Meanwhile, for smaller make shift structures or house extensions, Singapore roof contractors and specialists are likely to recommend synthetic roofing products from rubber, plastic and polymer roofing which can easily be designed to fit color or theme of the main house. The problem however is that they are brittle or fragile and therefore least durable. But as a solution, roof contractors in Singapore provide additional roof awning work to make attachments and supporting structures more rigid and sturdy.  But for the safest choice, roof contractors and specialists in Singapore agree that the classic metal roofs are still the safe bet due to their weather-resistant properties. Although they are slightly more expensive than other types of material, they are lightweight, recyclable, generally last longer and are also easier to maintain.


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