• Nail Fungus, Heel Pain, Bunions, and Other Problems with Foot Health

    A lot of people here in Singapore suffer from various foot health problems such as bunions, blisters, nail fungus, skin ulcer, and many other abnormalities. This may be caused by either bad shoe fitting or bad foot posture. The issue is that these foot health problems are actually something that develops over time. It is not something that just suddenly occurs and can easily be treated. With that said, it may take some time for healing or curing such abnormalities that we are feeling or experiencing in our foot. Some try to heal it with traditional methods depending on the problem they have with their foot.

    While some people prefer consulting the nearest podiatry center in their city in Singapore. These clinics provide solution for almost all possible foot problems such as nail fungus treatmentheel pain treatment, and even providing custom insoles for abnormalities developed due to a bad shoe fitting like bunions, hammer toes, and other kinds of deformities.

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    It is best to consult your nearest podiatry center or clinic in your area if ever you are feeling some discomfort with your foot specially if it has been happening for quite a while now. But if ever you have no idea on what you are really experiencing, here are some common foot problems, their symptoms and possible causes of the abnormality:

    Hammer toes - As the name suggests, it makes your toes look like a hammer. Your toes curl up even when you are not wearing any foot wear. This is not really painful, but is something that is considered as a deformity. In most cases, this is typically caused by wearing tight fitted shoes that makes the toe curl up due to the lack of space inside the shoe. Over time, it can get progressively worse specially if not treated correctly. Podiatrists can provide special foot wear for such problem.

    Heel pain - Also known as plantar fasciitis. This can be caused by injuries, tendonitis, stress fracture, irritation on the nerves, and even arthritis. You will basically feel pain in your heel due to inflammation of the tissue called plantar fascia that connects the heel to the toes. People with high arches or flat feet are more prone to experiencing heel pain.

    Bunions - Majority of people suffering from bunions are women. What you are thinking is right; it is also caused by the shoes you wear but it does not mean that it is the only cause of bunions. It can also be due to a bad foot structure of the person. You can tell if you have bunions if your biggest toe is leaning to the next toe and there is a huge boney bump on the side of your foot, before the big toe. This may also lead to corns and calluses to be developed. This can get progressively worse if not treated. Though it does not really cause pain, you may find some trouble wearing some foot wear.

    Corns and calluses - As mentioned above, these can be caused by either a different foot health problem like bunion. But generally, it is caused by frequent bumping of the foot to the shoe. This commonly happens on toes where you will find bumps or corns that build up over time. It can even appear in between toes. Basically, corn and calluses are hard skin that is building up to resist the frequent stress applied on the foot. It is best not to remove the calluses or corns and seek for a podiatrist for treatment and care instead.