Laser Treatment may be the Answer to your Acne Problems

Photo 1512248805576 c1b31f6fcab1With the coming of the Chinese New Year, you probably want to start with a positive outlook and perhaps feel good about yourself. You may be thinking of pampering yourself and getting some skin treatment as preparation to welcoming a new year and address the problems have brought you.

Acne is a very common condition and most people develop it and is most common to teenagers who are going through hormonal changes. The androgenic hormone, once combined with skin bacteria and the fatty acids in your oil glands results to acne. More often than not, they appear on the face, back, chest, and even shoulders. Teens however, are not the only ones experiencing acne problems. As a matter of fact, there women in their 30, 40s, and 50s, and event beyond are going through the same stage. Although there is no clear explanation on why this is happening, everyone on the boat would agree that this is frustrating.

That may be the reason why acne treatment are proliferating in Singapore, specifically acne laser treatment along with the already famous thermage skin tightening treatment. People want to feel beautiful and be beautiful and there is certainly nothing wrong with that. If you are interested to know more about laser treatment, here are a few information that might come in handy for you.

Why laser treatment?

Lasers are a treatment choice performed in a doctor’s office with the objective of at anticipating light-to-moderate skin break out, while also demonstrating a few guarantee in the treatment of extreme skin break out (cysts/nodules) in a few circumstances. Laser treatment tends to have superior performance in addressing acne and have less side impacts on lighter skin tones. It works by concentrating light, which enters the skin. Much like at-home light gadgets, lasers work essentially on the preface of energizing compounds that microbes create called porphyrins. When the laser light energizes the porphyrins, this harms the bacterial divider, successfully killing the bacteria. Laser treatment may decrease sebum (skin oil) levels as well.

What do you do about the sacs?

So let’s say the acnes are gone but they left some scars. What do you do next? Going for an acne scar treatment in Singapore may be the next best move. Acne scars treatment can reduce skin break out that cause stresses on the skin. This treatment also guarantees lesser scars from skin break outs. Numerous medications are available along with treatments which incorporate laser medications, minor skin surgeries, chemical peels, and fillers. Thermage skin tightening is also a trend in Singapore specifically for those with skin aging concerns that comes along grownup acne problems. 

A dermatologist or a dermatologic specialist can perform these medicines in a skin clinic. The key to compelling treatment is to choose the finest one for each scar sort. For one, a persistent who has a few profound scars may advantage from getting a filler, which includes volume to the skin. This may be taken after by laser medicines.

Why treat acne?

Without treatment, dark spots and scars can show up on the skin even after the acne are gone. Treating this out regularly boosts a person’s self-esteem and if you feel like you need it for this very reason, then by all means, pamper yourself now.


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