Belly Dance

  • Why Everyone Should Enrol in Belly Dancing Classes

    Who said belly dancing is only for women who want to tone their abs? Belly dancing is surely more than getting that to-die-for body.

    And truth be told, belly dancing is more of an art form that can be enjoyed by any gender and does not discriminate people according to race and age.

    Charina, a single mother of 2 children (ages 8 and 10), enrolled her daughters in a belly dance class in Singapore, “I read that belly dancing is good for kids who enjoy shaking it off. It also helps kids to learn how to focus and concentrate. My girls enjoy belly dancing like they are just playing. It is also good that they would rather be more physical than play on gadgets like most kids do nowadays.” And Charina is right, “Belly Dancing is not just about moving your belly, but this dance style requires the whole body movement. This dance form is perfect for kids as it helps them to maintain the body posture and tone their body from the very beginning. By getting your kids enrolled in Belly Dance Classes, you will not only help them to learn a new dance style, but it will also teach them to live their life in a healthy manner. Learning belly dance can teach kids various important things like discipline, teamwork, focus, and most importantly to stay fit and active. Learning a dance form also helps kids to become more open and social. They get a chance to interact with other kids, make new friends, which ultimately helps them to stay more active and happy. It will also help them to perform better in academics and other co-curricular activities,” wrote an unnamed writer of the article Why should you enroll your child for Belly Dance Classes? for

    Even men can benefit from belly dancing. Mark who has been taking belly dance lesson since the start of the year shared some body changes he noticed upon signing in, “I noticed how I had better posture and digestion ever since I joined my friends who do belly dancing. People might think it is a feminine dance, but I actually find it quite universal. Who said men can’t work with their hips and bellies? It is good too that my lower back does not ache anymore when I started belly dancing in January.”

    It is even recommended to women who are on their menopausal years, “Belly dancing is becoming increasing popular with women in their 50s and 60s. Fitness, friendship and visibility are among the many reasons they are signing up to classes. And, they are not just noticing an improvement in physical health. Those going through menopause have seen a marked improvement in symptoms associated with the “change”, from a reduction in hot flashes to resurgence of self-confidence. All the organs affected by the hormonal changes of menopause are strengthened by increased blood circulation, thus many report an easier transit through this stage of their lives,” wrote Carol E Wyer in the article titled 9 Reasons Every Woman Should Take Up Belly Dancing for

    Belly dancing also has great effects in building up confidence, relieving stress, and being more attuned with one’s body, “Inspired by undulating Middle Eastern melodies, belly dance consists of swaying, circular, fluid and repetitive movements that can induce a state of mental relaxation and reduce the build-up of daily stress. As far as self-confidence is concerned, belly dancing will help you appreciate and love your body and become more comfortable with it. If you have voluptuous curves and a few extra pounds, belly dancing will teach you to love them as very sensual features of your body!,” wrote Jessica in the article 5 Good Reasons  Why You Should Do Belly Dancing for